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Labor for Life

Give Big Campaign



The Perfect Push Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization 
focused on spreading awareness and addressing the maternal and child health crisis affecting women and communities of color, in the United States and around the world.



The vast majority of these deaths (94%) occurred in low-resource settings, and most could have been prevented.



Black babies are 2x more likely to die before their first birthday as compared to white babies.



Only 22.8% of Ob/Gyns identify racially or ethnically as something other than “White/Caucasian”


Jamika Knypstra

My plan will be to continue in my current role within the community and support mothers prior to childbirth. I want to be a source of education and support prior to baby arriving, so they can have confidence and a firm foundation, relating to breastfeeding.


Andrea Vaughn

I plan to open a birth center with BIPOC midwifes, doulas, lactation specialist, childbirth educators ect. I also plan to work with legislators to allow state insurance to pay for midwifery and doula services here in Florida ( just as we have been working on this in WA).


Vu-An Foster

Originally, I planned on using my personal, professional, and academic experience to turn my emerging organization into an operational 501c3 that is sustainable and that provides programs for loss mamas and their families and services for families who are of childbearing age. As a new mom, it has been extremely challenging even with all that I know navigating the birthing space postpartum. I plan to make sure I address a wide range of issues in the birthing space.


Shanell Brown

I plan to use my education to create a shift in healthcare, specifically for African American/Black families. I want to create a program that will promote health equity and strengthen African American/Black families by providing resources and collaborating with local birth centers and programs to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates.


Kamisha Walker

I plan to become a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and recruit more women of color to the field.


Nia Rudolph

After completing nursing school, I plan to move to Georgia and work as a nurse for a few years before returning to school to become a Nurse Practitioner so I can provide care to the Black population the way that I best see fit.


Nicole Forlan

I hope and dream to become a Nurse Practioner that directly serves black mothers and babies. I hope to be a resource that families didn't have before; their voice and advocate so they don't have to fight so hard for their human rights. I hope to be actively serving as a Lactation Consultant in my community to help change the current narrative for breastfeeding.


Darshana Naik

I plan to create original research after the completion of my studies.


Ashley E. Davis

My plan is to bring a birth center to my local community and give soon-to-be parents options and support. I want to help fix the lack of home birth midwifes and other alternative options in my local area.


Zakela Mickens

My goal is to normalize breastfeeding by creating a network of lactation specialists to target urban and rural areas throughout Jacksonville, Florida, providing resources for individuals, communities, and organizations. In the future, I would love to build support groups, connect and network with hospitals, schools, and other programs, and offer evidence-based lactation support and education to serve those in need.

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